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staticwire | April 3, 2024
Good at Love Single Artwork

In a surprising turn of events, Paige Stark, known for her work with Takashi Miyaki, has officially announced her debut solo EP titled “Good at Love.” Set to be released on June 7, the EP was produced by renowned producer Jon Brion, with a special feature from Cherry Glazerr’s Clementine Creevy on one of the tracks.

Stark revealed that the inspiration for the EP came from a collection of songs she had written that did not quite align with Takashi Miyaki’s signature sound. Encouraged by Brion’s praise of her work, Stark decided it was time to share her solo project with the world. “Jon [Brion] kept saying to me…I think this stuff is really good,” Stark recalled. “He told me it was his favorite of my work so far, and that stayed with me. But I kind of move at my own pace, I rarely feel hurried. But recently I started to feel like it was time. I had gotten enough messages from the universe to put it out.”

The debut single from “Good at Love” is the melancholic yet beautiful title track. Stark shared that the initial recording was a raw demo created during a Takashi Miyaki session, which she then presented to Brion for additional production. The result left her in awe, as Brion was able to capture the essence of her music in a way she had always envisioned. This led to the genesis of the EP, with some tracks being developed from scratch while others were brought to life by Brion’s touch.

Not stopping at just the music, Stark co-directed the music video for “Good at Love” alongside Angela Ricciardi, adding a visual element to the emotional depth of the song. The EP itself promises to be a diverse collection of tracks, with titles such as “Zombie Brain Drain,” “UR Girl,” and a cover of Harry Nilsson’s “I’ll Never Leave You.”

The announcement of Paige Stark’s solo endeavor has sparked excitement among fans and music enthusiasts, eager to hear a new side of her artistry apart from Takashi Miyaki. With the EP release date drawing near, anticipation is high for what promises to be a deeply personal and resonant musical experience from the talented musician.

As Stark prepares to step out on her own with “Good at Love,” the music world eagerly awaits the unveiling of her solo creativity and the emotions she will share through her music. Stay tuned for the official release on June 7, as Paige Stark takes on a new chapter in her musical journey.

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